Hansen School District 415

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Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, we will develop the
skills and qualities necessary to create lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Hansen School District Wellness Policy

Mission: To encourage students to adopt a life-long healthy life style through education and good eating and exercise habits.

Goals: Adopt policies and curriculums that teach students good eating and exercising habits by offering choices in food and beverages on campus that meet dietary guidelines set forth by State and Federal agencies.

Hansen Schools will continue to offer adequate time for eating, a good environment that is clean and conducive to eating and socializing, and all lunch and breakfast programs will be available to all students.

Hansen Schools will continue to work with vendors to provide choices and selection for healthy food and beverages in their machines. In addition, Hansen Schools has added a milk vending machine, and has adopted a stance that any additional vending machines will only contain those snacks and beverages that meet guidelines for healthy and nutritional items.

In meeting these goals, Hansen Schools will encourage and adopt curriculums in grades K-12 that instruct and promote good exercise habits.

Hansen Schools will continue to support fitness by offering regular PE programs in grades K-12. In addition to regular PE, students on the secondary level are offered a variety of extra-curricular programs and participation will continue to be encouraged for all.

Additional fitness programs will be discussed and offered as programs continue to evolve. Examples of this may be walking programs and life time activities for all ages. Also, promoting good sportsmanship and fitness qualities during awards assemblies and field day at the Elementary School.