Football Bleachers

As an educator who has spent more than twenty-five years working specifically with secondary students, one of the many pleasures is watching as boys and girls mature into young men and women. Part of that process is helping them set and attain goals. Earlier this week, I posted an article and pictures of students helping construct our new football bleachers. At least one of these students is determined to have the bleachers completed by Friday's home game. He has stayed after practice to continue the work. His efforts warm my heart. I can see that he's set a goal and is doing all he can to make it come true. Good for him! In the future, he can tell his kids and grandkids, "I helped build those bleachers."

Our secondary staff has begun the work of helping students set goals for their academic growth. With the help of their teachers, students have set goals for growth on the ISAT. In November, we will check the progress toward reaching those goals with the interim assessment. I can't wait to see how much our students grow!